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Our High-Resolution Particle Technology, which benefits from an abundant color spectrum enables a natural-looking color lenses that are highly differentiated.

COLORLEN has successfully adopted the world’s first Particle Printing Technique, which enables realization of innovative color lens designs with various color mix.
With this technique, we produce color lenses with a natural and realistic look.
We also promptly cater for your needs through the trendy design that comprises of various colour and size options.

Research & Development

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Advanced Materials Development

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Automatic System Development

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Program Development

Research and Development

The Product

COLORLEN’s advanced technique produces color lenses of abundant color spectrum and iris-fit designs.

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Customized Pattern Lens using both conventional and creative designs.

Lens designs incorporate available colour mix with High-Resolution Technique.

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Pattern lenses with a realistic representation of human eyes.

Lens designs that are closely fitted to the images of human eyes and look natural regardless of the colour of
the eyes.

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Realistic-looking pattern lenses with SF themes.

SF-themed lenses are specifically designed for various events such as Halloweens, and are of high-quality
to give a realistic look.

※ List of lenses will be uploaded later

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