Client-Specific ERP Program

Client-Specific ERP Program

Integrative Business Information System
Provision of ERP program

Provision of high-quality client service programs
Our client service programs include product order management, resolution of business errors, provision of new products, product after-sales-service, product promotion update, product revision and product management.

Client Retail Support and Investment

Operational Support for B2B Partnership

COLORLEN’s operational support provides convenience to the partnering company with simple and prompt service system.

  • 01.

    Prompt service for affiliated companies

    We provide prompt response on order, inventory, product revision inquiries.

  • 02.

    Check new products at a glance

    Preview is available for new product development and specification, where sample order can be also carried out on real-time basis.

  • 03.

    Client Retail Support

    COLORLEN provides product promotions to enhance competitiveness of partnering company in the market.

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    ONE-STOP product consultation sessions allow for a prompt communication, which helps to resolve any problem faced by our client company.

  • 05.

    On-time Delivery

    Production flow of the order can be accessed to check for expected delivery date.

<B2B Partnership Contract Conditions>
Low-cost deposit system under B2B partnership contract allows for direct convenient supply of products to retail clients.

Customized Design

Customized Design

Customized Design Development

We have various platforms depending on your needs. Our professional designers will develop lenses of a customized design, size, color to cater for your needs.

OEM / ODM Production Support

We aim to produce various produce designs that cater to the needs of our clients.

step 1

General Consultations

We provide an initial consultation session to find your needs on general aspects in expected product concepts, cost and materials.

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step 2

Product Specification

We proceed to render the specified design to find out appropriate packaging, label, LOT quantity, and supply schedule.

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step 3


Expected pricelist is determined after product specification.

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step 4

Design specification

Detailed Specification for designs and colours.

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step 5

Sample Production

We produce samples based on the needs identified in previous stages and get the final confirmation before manufacturing the final product.

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step 6

Production and Supply

Production, quality control and shipment are carried out.

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